Sunday, December 10, 2006

Rare sittings!
Agnetha actually in public at the Kristina premiere in Malmo in October 1995 and Frida actually doing an interview (for Expressen) while in Toronto in 2000.

Rare outings in the eighties:
Frida as a blonde in 1986 and one of Agnetha's last outings for years to come in 1989.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

No more naff clothes and kinky stuff but Bjorn and Benny (or as Frida calls them: Bennybjorn) are still making fun with and off each other in the new century!
And why not...
After all they did write the King Kong Song!

Frida arriving at the Polar Prices in May 2004 and Agnetha (Christian is already out of the car) arriving at the Chess premiere 20 years earlier: late 1984.
All after ABBA indeed...

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sweet smiles:
Frida in the mid nineties and Agnetha in 1998.

Benny and Bjorn receiving yet another award for ABBA Gold; probably 2004.

Funerals and crosses in 1997...
Agnetha attending the funeral of Ted Gardestadt (41) in July and Frida at the funeral of Stig Anderson (66) in September.

Looking gorgeous in the eighties:
Agnetha on her way to a party in 1983 and Frida at the Abbacadabra premiere in 1984 (with Stig Anderson in the background).

Snowtime for Agnetha in 1985 and Benny (with some horses) somewhere in the nineties.

A happy Bjorn and Frida in sunny Stuttgart at the opening of Mamma Mia! in July 2004.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Some happy faces in 1996:
Frida's promoting her new album Djupa Andetag (released in September) and Agnetha attending Benny's birthday in December.

Benny and Bjorn with manager Stig Anderson at some function for the musical Chess in the mid eighties.

Agnetha and Frida, late 1986:
Frida posing with Ratata after recording the duet As Long As I Have You with them marking her last feature recording of the 1980's.
Agnetha posing with Peter Cetera while meeting him for the first time. He wants to work with her which will happen a few months later in Los Angeles!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Always the center of attention with press and fans all over the place:
Agnetha in Malmo in 1995, Benny in London in 2004 and Frida in Stuttgart in 2004. Bjorn: not sure the where and when...

Friday, December 01, 2006

Signing autographs for the fans:
Frida in 1984 and Agnetha in 1985.

Bjorn and Benny promoting their second musical Kristina Fran Duvemala in 1996.

Agnetha and Frida in 2004:
Looking like true diva's but being humble, down to earth and sweet as ever!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The former ABBA girls caught on camera while in the city:
Agnetha in the eighties and Frida in the nineties.

Holland, late 1984:
Bjorn and Benny enjoying Dutch rookworst (smoked sausage) with mustard. Or are they??

Cheers to the partygirls!
Agnetha in 1988 and Frida in 2004.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Some happy moments:
Benny and Agnetha happily hug while they reunite at Gorel Hanser's 50th birthdayparty in June 1999.
Bjorn and Frida are happily on stage at the Mamma Mia! premiere in Stuttgart in July 2004.

Rare sightings in the ABBA aftermath:
Benny, Agnetha and Bjorn together in 1985 and Frida by herself in 1987.

The former ABBA men out and about in the new century:
Bjorn (55) attending Mamma Mia! in Los Angeles, February 28th 2001 and Benny (56) at the premiere of the restored ABBA The Movie in Stockholm, December 2nd 2003.

New looks with a new album:
Frida elegant and tough with Shine in 1984 and Agnetha cool and original with I Stand Alone in 1987.

Agnetha and daughter Linda arriving at the Chess premiere in Stockholm in the autumn of 1984 and Frida as a blonde at the Chess premiere in London in the spring of 1986.

Bjorn and Benny fully concentrated while attending rehearsals for Mamma Mia! before it's premiere in the spring of 1999.

Agnetha and producer Mike Chapman working on Wrap Your Arms Around Me at the Polar Studios in Stockholm, early 1983. And Frida with producer Steve Lillywhite at La Grande Armee studio in Paris, early 1984, while working on Shine.