Sunday, February 18, 2007

A well done Frida with friends: well baked singer Lill Babs and another well baked cookie, princess Birgitta, at some party in 1994.


Andrea said...

"...and another well baked cookie"

LOL!! ;D

Nice new blog layout Rock, ehemm..Roll, eh no, Ron!

Anonymous said...

The other lady is Princess Birgitta of Sweden, the King's sister.

Linda, Sweden

Ronaldo said...

Ah... *that* is her! Thanks Linda!
I believe Frida used to play golf with the King's sister!

Andrea said...

Of course its Brigitta, Roffaldo! Only High Society frequentations for Lady Lyngstad... ;D

Bonnie said...

I bet they all frequent the same plastic surgeon. No no, not Frida of course! (she said knowingly)